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Rolf Disch

Save energy, use solar power, increase quality of life. That is Rolf Disch’s creed; solar energy as a motor for our society. Build homes that generate more energy than they consume. These are the answers to the energy revolution.

The way to the Plusenergiehaus®

For 40 years Rolf Disch has been building with the sun. Fifteen years ago the breakthrough finally succeeded with the world’s very first Plusenergiehaus®: The Heliotrope, which generates from four to five times the amount of energy as is truly uses. It fulfills the highest ecological building standards in every way. The Heliotrope’s energy balance remains unsurpassed to this day.

The next step after this successful experiment was of course making the Plusenergiehaus® available to all. With the Solar Settlement in Freiburg, Rolf Disch Solar Architecture proved for residential and commercial building, that PlusEnergy is not solely ecologically expedient and architecturally configurable, rather it is also economically profitable.

Rolf Disch talks about the Solar Settlement and the necessity of PlusEnergy (11 Min.)

PlusEnergy for every purpose

Beginning with these experiences, the Plusenergiehaus® was again enhanced towards extreme flexibility. The PlusEnergy concept can now become applied everywhere as a residence and as a housing community. With decades of experience in residential community building, our architecture office develops solutions for local sustainability.

PlusEnergy concepts can be offered and implemented for every type of building and every use: ideas for residential or commercial, administrative or industrial, for private or public owners. From a solar housing community to a solar factory, from a PlusEnergy school to a PlusEnergy hotel, everything is possible.
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The creative mind of a solar architect

Architecture, urban planning, and energy technology compose our foundation. The implementation of PlusEnergy projects demands a broader perspective however: How does one mobilize the citizens through an investment model? How does one communicate the uniqueness of a PlusEnergy project so it is reputation carrying for the owner or the community?

The analytic expertise of our office also spans to broad experiences with innovative finance models and successful marketing. And for implementation of these ideas, our office works with a network of supporters and investors, marketing experts, regional building specialists, architectural planners and consultants.

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  • 2009 Utopia Award

  • 2008 Innovation Award, Association of Entrepreneurs in the Social Democratic Party

  • 2008 German Local Sustainability Prize

  • 2007 - 2008 Creativity Award from Japanese PEN-Magazine

  • 2006 Germany’s Most Beautiful Residential Community

  • 2005 Wuppertaler Energy- and Environment Prize

  • 2003 Global Energy Award

  • 2002 European Solar Prize

  • 2001 Photo-voltaic Architecture Prize, Baden-Württemberg

  • 1997 Eco-Manager of the Year